You'll Always Be Enough - Book

“By the light of the moon, each budding creature came to see that they’re not like one another, and that was meant to be. All have a purpose, and though it’s sometimes hard to know, they all have gifts that blossom as they grow. It won’t always be easy. At times, it will be tough, but no matter how you’re feeling, you’ll always be enough.”


A beautifully written and illustrated paperback book with a positive message for your children. Written by Laura Kuehl of Bapple Books and illustrated by Pierre d'Arterie, Copywriter 2017.

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Curious about reviews? Here are a few:

"Beautiful book with adorable illustrations and strong message. This is perfect for my 6 year old who struggles with fitting in and insecurities. She was able to read the whole book herself and she understood what the message was. I saw her feeling uplifted and confident for the first time in a long time. Thank you for this book!" -Amazon Customer

"In a world of hate, judgment, rampid bullying, we need more positive messages. This book perfectly gives a message that you are "always enough" - there will be day's and nights that you wished you had what you didn't have ... and that's okay - as long as you remember that what you have, others wish for. I read it to my 6 y/o and had her read the line as "I'M always good enough" - I feel this is a beautiful message for every child to hear. And hopefully one day - we may all have morw self confidence and self love!!! I highly suggest it. Such a great, feel good, book. And is very easy to read. So any child at the age of learning to read can practice on it, and children who are just starting to read, is easy on them! Can't say enough good things about this book!!!" -S.Cook

"This book is adorable. A great encouragement for children and adults alike. If I was still teaching at a public school, this book would be my choice to read on the first day of school. Read it to my daughter and she liked it. Well done Laura!" -Justin

"Awesome book!!! We need more like this!! It's reality and my son loves it!! I even tear up a little" -M. Anderson





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