Raven Sweet Lil Jeans (TM)

Lil' Sweet Jeans are Made of These!

Sweet Jeans (TM) patent pending

Jeans that fit over cloth diapers and chunky thighs! Stretch panels in the side help baby to be able to move, classy enough for special events, but tough enough for play. These jeans stand up against an afternoon of playing in the sandbox.

Our Sweet Jean are made with our custom denim designed to be leak resistant, quick drying, but still breathable! These jeans will help keep your little one's bottom dry inside and out. With all the same style of our Savvy and Posh pants and shorts, these jeans have plenty of room for cloth diapered bottoms and LOTS of room for growth. Seriously, at least 4 sizes in ONE pair!

  • Waist folds down comfortably to shorten the rise.
  • Custom design adds to the overall rise and width of the jeans, giving plenty of room for cloth diapers and all the wiggling a little chunk can dish out.
  • Can easily be dressed up, but built for serious play
  • Manufactured in the USA

ChunkaBuns has changed sizing for kid's clothes so one pair of pants fits kids for 4+ sizes. Unique Grow-With-Me features adjust as baby grows to adjust and fit over baby's longer leg. Sweet jeans are absolutely great for traveling, especially traveling with cloth diapers because they're leak resistant!

ChunkaBuns is changing the children's fashion industry by creating pants that grow with the child. Instead of buying new clothes every three months, ChunkaBuns pants are made to stretch over multiple sizes, giving parents options of fit and size. The special waistband and cuff allows for full pants adjustments and fit so that baby can wear clothes that FIT for YEARS. Break it down and it's $19.50 for every pants size: so super affordable! Plus, many kids do end up wearing these longer than the four sizes because they have amazing stretch and longevity.


ECO BOOTY HUNT? YOU HAVE FOUND YOUR FIRST CLUE! And it just so happens it is one of the items you could win! We hope you're excited because these lil jeans are pretty sweet, i mean leak resistance, 4 pants in 1 AND ethical manufacturing? Just golden, like pirates treasure, like a mom pirate treasure. For your next clue you will want to look at our accessories page for some handy potty training helplers.

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