Crinkle Sensory Square by Baby Jack

Do you know what is great about these Baby Jack sensory tag toys with extra crinkle? Tons.  Babies particularly love to flick, fidget, rub, chew and feel the variety of textures of our ribbons and fabrics. Each ribbon is sewn SHUT into a TAB unlike any others sold in stores. This added safety feature prevents fingers from getting intertwined in ribbon loops.  Toddlers love learning the names of the shapes, animals, and colors.  AND ours are made in the USA!

These fabric prints are designed by none other than Jack and his sister Bailey.   They are designed to be both educational and modern.  Basic shapes, animals, and many colors are used to create a pattern and kids love to point out the shapes, animals, and colors! 

Size is 8" x 8", comes with attached toy link to clip to a stroller, teether, or baby carrier and can also attach pacifiers too!

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