Toby and Roo and ChunkaBuns Too

by ChunkaBuns

Toby and Roo and ChunkaBuns Too

Little Edith from Toby and Roo helped us out by being one of the cutest nose-picking models we had even seen. Plus, they had a really great review for us!

ChunkaBuns has pants that fit over cloth diapers. We know you hear this a lot, but it still keeps coming up if any companies make pants that fit over cloth diapers. Yes. We do. We make pants that not only fit the bulk of a cloth diaper, but they also grow with the child. When their tiny little shins start sticking out from underneath their pants, a simple snip gives baby another two inches. They last children four or more pants sizes: saving the earth by being the best sustainable pants for your baby while saving the family money over time. 

ChunkaBuns pants are made in limited runs locally in the midwest. The company is run by full time mom of two, Angie. Denim Options, colors, organic fabrics, are always changing. Please see the Coming Soon Page for upcoming releases and expected availability dates.

ChunkaBuns loves to work with the Cloth Diapering Community and Bloggers! We are looking to help sponsor cloth diapering workshops. If this is you, give us a call! We would love to send you some money and products :)