Navy Stripe Wobble Bottoms

Have you heard of Wobble Bottoms?  These cute little pants solve a number of common problems.  Are you sick of loosing baby socks? These little gems have the built in feet that are sewn shut so there is no need for socks in the warmer months and they keep your little one from pulling their socks off in the winter, just put their socks on under their pants!  And of course, they work with sposies but are also cloth diaper friendly!   

Each pair is custom made by hand in the USA, as well as pre-washed in natural homemade laundry detergent for a true fit. Speaking of fit, Wobble Bottoms are designed to best fit babies from birth to 17 pounds (roughly 0-6M).

Navy Stripe Wobble Bottoms are made from 100% organic cotton.  Yes, the cotton is grown in the USA, processed in the USA, the fabric is knit and dyed in the USA, and then the pants are hand made in the USA. 

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