Merino Wool Grow With Me Pant (4 sizes in 1)

Maxaloon, Maxaloons, Maxaloone, Maxaloones…..Believe me when we say that our Savvy Pants are way better. But maybe we should call them Chunkaloones? Chunkaloons? Now you just need to decide if you want them made out of bamboo, organic cotton, or 100% merino wool.

Chunkabuns™ Posh Wool Pants for cloth diapers!

Double as diaper covers and pants - available in midnight black merino wool! They are made of of super-soft 100% knit wool. They are stretchy, breathable, absorbent, and naturally anti-microbial. For a snug, comfortable fit, there is extra stretch in the legs and waist and moves with your baby. PLUS, Grow-with-me features so that one pair of pants last four or more pants sizes!

Wear ChunkaBuns Merino Wool pants with your favorite fitted diaper, prefolds, or flats for babies from newborns to toddlers. These are a great nighttime cover because wool is breathable and absorbent, allowing natural air flow to keep you baby cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Wool is naturally antimicrobial, and when lanolized self-cleaning, so they don't need to be washed as often as other covers. Usually only need to be washed every 2 weeks, unless soiled.

Natural dyes may run on first wash, hand wash separate and lanolize before use.


Features of Merino Wool pants for cloth Diapers:

  • Very breathable natural fiber
  • soft and gentle against baby's skin
  • Reduces diaper rashes
  • A homeostatic material - adjusts to accommodate body temperature (warm in winter/cool in summer)
  • Holds 3 times its dry weight in urine before feeling wet
  • Contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal lanolin - means wool is self-cleaning
  • When wool is wet, air-dry and it will no longer smell like urine
  • Only needs washing (usually by hand) when lanolin needs reinforcement or when soiled with poop

Designed from top to bottom with thoughtful features for cloth diapered littles, these pants are built to fit, and built to last. With grow-with-me features in the legs and waist, these pants were created to span FOUR or more standard pants sizes. AND can you imagine your child needing only 3 pairs of pants to get them from birth to 5T? NO, REALLY! Actually, if you're creative, well beyond 5T as capris! Save money, reduce textile waste, AND support numerous awesome USA businesses? Yes please!

  • Made from organic bamboo material.
  • Custom fold cuff are held in place with small ribbons. Simply snip a ribbon to increase the pant length.
  • Waist folds down comfortably to shorten the rise.
  • Extra panel in the seat adds to the overall rise and width of the pant, giving plenty of room for cloth diapers and all the wiggling a little one can dish out.
  • More colors and prints in production!
  • Manufactured in the USA

ChunkaBuns is changing the children's fashion industry by creating pants that grow with the child. Instead of buying new clothes every three months, ChunkaBuns pants are made to stretch over multiple sizes, giving parents options of fit and size. The special waistband and cuff allows for full pants adjustments and fit so that baby can wear clothes that FIT for YEARS. Break it down and it's $22.50 for every wool pants size: so super affordable (wool pants start at $40/pair)! Plus, many kids do end up wearing these longer than the four sizes because they have amazing stretch and longevity.


For example:



-0-3 Months

-3-6 Months

-6-9 Months

*some children have worn these at size 24 months. They're extremely versatile.

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