Upcycled Notebooks: Intermediate Recycler

by ChunkaBuns

Often, notebooks are left with many empty pages. If you've only filled out a few of the pages, tear them out and reuse this spiral notebook for your next class. A great way to update the old notebook and make it feel new is to DECORATE THE COVER!

Notebook Hack for the Intermediate Recycler: 

Water Marble WaterColor Paper

Glue your water marbled paper onto the front of your notebook cover. If you are a brave soul, water marble the cover of the notebook directly. Be careful not to get your other pages wet!


Nail-polish water marbling is super easy to use on other items as well. You can make matching marbled pencils, pens, staplers... so many things! Make a matching set of marbled school supplies for Back To School 2017


Sea Lemon has some more great ideas on how to update old notebooks for Back To School. These are awesome recyling ideas! Which one will you chose?