The Ten Commandments for Secretly Helping Mom

by ChunkaBuns

1.Thou shalt not let anyone pick on your sibling. 

That is your job.

2.Thou shalt always remember to tattle tail 

It saves Mom time figuring out what actually happened.

3.Thou shalt always vandalize household goods with your siblings name.

So Mom and Dad knows who to punish.

4.Thou shalt not include tears during fake tantrums so Mom knows which tantrums are Real vs. Fake

We can still tell by your tone, but it's easier for us to prove a fake tantrum to Nosey Stranger in the grocery store when she can see your dry cheeks too.

5.Thou shalt blame everything on thy sibling. 

Especially if they are at soccer practice... or in another county. This helps Mom and Dad know it's you.

6.Thou shalt only touch glitter at school.

Pleeeaaaase do not bring that stuff home. It's soooo hard to clean up...

7.Thou shalt reserve “Dad loves me More” for the most opportune moments. 

Like a Sunday morning at 3:10 am so Mom can hand you over to Dad and go back to sleep. 

8.Thou shalt remember all they sibling’s embarrassing moments and fails. 

Sharing at every possible moment is essential. You will laugh about this quite a lot when you're grown. 

9.Thou shalt always pitch in to OVER-DO each chore so the effects last for days. 

Feed that dog three day's worth of food please. Thanks kid. 

10.Thou shalt have a gang bond. 

Tears may be shed but the familyhood will take precedent over all.