Mommy Con Orange County

by ChunkaBuns

Mommy Con Orange County: Here we come!

The time is drawing near that our favorite convention is approaching! ChunkaBuns has been able to attend most of the MommyCons for 2017 and we rocked Austin by surprising Mommies with a ChunkaBuns t-shirt! New designs for MommyCon Orange country include:

First Day of School and Last Day of School Tees for awesome Facebook opportunity photos:

first day of school shirtLast day of school shirt

The giveaway item from ChunkaBuns is a super fun one this time. We had our most popular baby t-shirt made special just for MommyCon Orange County! (Can you guess which one?)

It's dye free... and....

that's all I'm going to say about it for now. 

We want it to be a surprise! If you stop by the ChunkaBuns booth, you can get the matching surprise to go with it... OK. Lips are zipped now. See you at MommyCon!

For more information on MommyCon, click below! Also, ChunkaBuns has two tickets for Brand Ambassadors. If you are interested in attending MommyCon Orange Country as a ChunkaBuns Brand Ambassador... please let us know!  

MommyCon Orange County 2017