Top 20 Cutest Cartoon Kids

May 11, 2017

Top 20 Cutest Cartoon Kids

Top 20 Cutest Cartoon Kids

So many cute cartoon kids! Let's honor their adorableness in time for mother's day, because I'm sure they were inspired by someone in real life. Who is the cutest cartoon kid in your life?

20. Ana and Elsa

These gals probably should have been higher on the list with their snowman building and great songs, but I'm so tired of hearing these songs. Right now, I just want to hear Moana because I'm tired of building snowmen.

19. Edith

Despicable Me. Ugh. Preteens. AmIright? The sarcasm on this Tom-Boy child makes her very endearing.

18. Starfire

Starfire cracks me up. I especially get a giggle out of the smooching stuff.

17. Chihiro

Meets amazing spirits and saves her parents in a BEAUTIFUL ANIMATED WORLD? This kid is a rock-star of mega proportions.

16. Vanellope Von Schweetz - Wreck-It-Ralph

I don't know much about this chick, but I was reassured she was adorable and forced to add her to the list.

15. Whyatt Beanstalk

Whyatt has some great powers when it comes to learning and the "Power to read" but we think his cuteness is mostly because he entertains our kids and let's mommy go to the bathroom by herself

14. Riley- Inside Out

Oh! The emotions of Riley! I'm going to cry just thinking about her and her roller coasters into puberty. PLus, she looks so much like my kid that I get so super emotional when I see her. (Does this happen to anyone else for cartoon characters that look like your kid? Or am I just a total sap?)

13. Little Tiana

Gumbo cooking little darling! She has to stand on the big stool to stir! Big dreams, little girl. Totally lovable.

12. Agnes

Despicable Me. Never has a child loved a toilet brush more.

11. Tip from Home

When Tip finds her mom? OHhhhhh! Emotions!

10. Charlie Brown

It was so hard to pick a clip for Charlie Brown. There's so many good holiday movies, pumpkin head drawing, music, so many different versions. It must mean that you're a good man Charlie Brown!

9. Bobby (From Bobby's World)

The view of a kid on a big wheel. And that mom's accent? Totally worthy of education study and significant repetition.

8. Kiki (from Kiki's Delivery Servive)

Kiki, little kid witch who follows her dreams and jams out to some great music with her ridiculous cat. Pancakes anyone?

7. Ponyo

Wild red headed, creature of magic and wonder who loves... Ham!

6. Lilo

"I asked my sister what to give him and she said a tuna sandwich. I can't give Pudge tuna! Do you know ... IT'S FISH! If I gave Pudge tuna, I'd be an abomination!"

5. Baymax

(He was just born, so he qualifies as a kid, right?) Are you satisfied with his cuteness?

4. Bubbles, Buttercup and Blossom

PowerPuff girls. But all three of them are a trio of adorableness!

3. Tommy Pickles

Now this kid is going somewhere. This is why employers hire creative people. And he's always so well prepared. 

2. Boo

Monster's Inc. KITTY! And her singing on the potty? ADORABLE!

1. Baby Moana

When the ocean swirls her hair up like a Dairy Queen ice cream cone? Oh dear. Too cute. And she helps a turtle to the ocean? Such a sweetie pie!


Russell from Up

HOW ON EARTH DID I FORGET RUSSELL?! HE'S AMAZING!!! Because I don't want to go back and renumber everything, Russell gets an Honorable Mention. (I owe you one Wilderness Explorer Badge, Russell...for being a good sport).

Ones we wanted on the list, but weren't quite sure if they made a convincing argment between kid vs. animal: Toothless, Nemo, Dori, Pikachu (Cutest little Pokemon! I really like Jiggly Puff too, but Pika, Pika!), Mort from Madagascar, FlutterShy, Gary the Snail, Snoopy, Jerry the Mouse, Wall-E, Thumper, Totoro, Yoshi, Stewie (is evil cute?), Simba, Pinkie Pie, Piglet, The Shrek Babies, Zero from The Nightmare Before Christmas, Joy and Sadness from Inside Out - we're not sure if they're kids?, Pongo, Meridith from Brave, Ratatouille, The Incredible, Bloo from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends... so many more! CARTOONS ARE THE GREATEST!

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