Top 10 Homemade BABY Costumes!

September 12, 2017

Top 10 Homemade BABY Costumes!

baby legs for workout costume


ONE and TWO and One and TWO and kick! Bend! Get totally fit and show those awesome abs off with this super easy workout baby costume! A pair of leggings, onesie as the bodysuit, headband and some baby legs and your good to go! (These are all things I know we have in this house... I'm sure most houses are the same aka- filled with stuff haha).

Boombox Pillow Here 

Taco pants for baby


Cute enough to smooch! AND easy to make! This taco baby costume is really funny, totally gif worthy and would pair well with our savvy pants as a layer underneath! I just have to say... I love taco gifs. I especially love the one where the lady is trying to eat it and just totally crunches it instead.


I have tried to spray dye a baby's hair before... and it was no fun for any of us BUT for those red heads and well behaved babies, this would be a super cute option! Fiesty kids should not get their hair sprayed with dye, it's not worth it. Trust me. Polka dot dress, little hat, and those ruffle socks are simply to die for! HEARTS AND LOVE AND AWWWWW! This would be a great Halloween option! 

#7. ET and a BIKE

If you have one of those awesome kids that ACTUALLY PEDDLES, doesn't make you carry their bike home (and carry them at the same time), and who doesn't drive off into traffic, this is a GREAT option for Halloween! Think of all the candy you guys can get for your monster Halloween stash when baby's got wheel!


My sister made this for one of her little munchkins, and it was so totally appropriate because he was a bit of a stinker like Alvin from the Chipmunks. They got so many great comments on his costume, and if he wasn't in such a rush to get to the next house, he might have actually said thank you, haha. (Just teasing kid, you know your auntie loves your guts :) )


This easy and cute costume will have you ready for Halloween with plenty of down time to spare: just get a few extra socks and stuff them (baby tights work too, but it would really depend on price for me which I would get). I would personally get four pairs of black baby tights, purple bodysuit, purple tutu and draw on some evil eyebrows to make an Ursala baby. But cute polka-dot octopus baby is cute too. :) 


I love everything about this... and it almost made it to number one on the list EXCEPT... that wig is to be made by someone skilled... and I am not one of those skilled people! So, because this costume is a little trickier to make, our adorable little cabbage patch baby is #4 on this list, but 100% lovable and 10000000% adorbs! 


Babies with fake facial hair are cute. Hands down, to die for, adorable. As a mom, I would switch out the hatchet for a roll of paper towels and have them goes the Brawny Man instead of just a lumberjack because PAPER TOWELS ARE USEFUL (especially when babies eat chocolate). So cute it's scary!


The pom pom wigs are super popular for babies (helps keep their little naked noggin' warm). Babies look so darling as old ladies and old men! I totes love the pearls on the glasses! With these cardigans and floral dresses, a little baby walker and a few tennis balls and these tots are ready to be renamed Ethel and Mavis. 


How cute is this? I love how Mom used the homemade pompom Granny wig and used lots of colors to make this little gumball baby! 25 cents? What a deal! I'll take 12. 


Awesome mom and baby combo costume for the movies lovers!

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