Things Tired Moms Do

May 16, 2017

Things Tired Moms Do

OH! The joys of major sleep deprivation! How many of these mom-mistakes can you identify with? These all come PURELY from our imaginations. Of course we didn't do any of these things at all..."

10. Lose your keys ... but find them ... in your hand.

tina fey thumbs upping

9. Stop at a green light.

woman in 1950s driving a car

8. Text someone right next to you.

test me every 30 seconds

7. Lose your phone. Look for it frantically. Realize that you are talking to someone ON YOUR PHONE.

skeptical gif

6. Fold an entire basket of dirty laundry

basket of folded laundry

5. Make coffee without any coffee grounds

making coffee cartoon

4. Try to unlock the front door with the button from your car key. 

bridesmaids kristen what is happening

3. Wear two different shoes. 

tired mom wears two different shoes

2. Put a clean diaper over a dirty diaper.

doubl diapering- putting a clean diaper over a dirty diaper

1. Lose the baby! AHHHHHH! FREAK OUT! But find her... you're holding her. 

tired mom loses baby tired mom loses baby

Did you check off everything on our list? We may or may not have as well... haha. BUT, none of that matters. Because parenting is FUNNY and these are some of the best moments in life, even if you feel like you're so tired you may not remember them. You're a cool mom.

I'm a cool mom

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