August 16, 2017


Put your money where your heart is: at the heart of recycling, by purchasing recycled pencils and other back to school supplies. The quality of these pencils... are good enough to make some beautiful drawings as well as to take some great notes! 

  School specialty educators discount on recycled pencils

5. Ticonderoga Renew Pencils

These pencils have a smooth graphite core (and make great drawing pencils too!) for those who are picky about pencil consistency. The Ticonderoga Pencil is made from recycled wood has natural finish. Premium pencil featuring #2 graphite core comes with top quality latex-free eraser. PMA Certified non-toxic pencil is sold as 10 per pack.

Found at most major Box Stores

Educators Discount at School Specialty

*sidenote: Ticonderoga made the BEST colored pencils my fingers had ever touched and now they're GONE. Why don't they make them anymore? I still cry into my coffee about the loss of that great color pencil. Sadness. Sadness and crying.

eco friendly mechanical pencils

4. BIC Eco Life Pencil

For those who prefer a mechanical pencil (Personally, as a person who writes very hard, I do not see the appeal and it's a huge point of frustration for me...) The BIC Eco Life Non-Refillable Mechanical Pencils are made from 76% recycled plastic and they claim that one BIC Pencil equals 2 1/2 woodcase pencils.

Quicker lead advancing design offers smooth, smudge-free writing that is easy to erase. Comes filled with 3 full length, 0.7 mm, self-feeding #2 leads with assorted barrel colors.

Purchase on Amazon

eco friendly pencils for back to school

3. Ticonderoga Enviro-Sticks Pencils

I have not yet met these pencils, and I already love them. First off, they're one of the best pencil brands. Secondly, super eco-friendly. I'm ordering some for me RIGHT NOW. *Ummm.... I mean my daughter... for fourth grade... back to school... 


  • Crafted from reforested, natural wood imprinted with certified non-toxic inks
  • Latex-free soft rubber erasers for smudge-free corrections
  • Standard writing #2 HB grade in a 12-count box
  • Helping to protect the planet, these are 100% recyclable

recycled paper pencils

2. Recycled Newspaper Pencils

No list of recycled pencils is complete without the 90s famous recycled paper pencils? Remember the ones made out of money? And how it was such a huge fad? They're still around! Here are some NEWSPAPER pencils. Cute, right? Dibs on the pencil made from the Sunday Funnies!

Shop for cool newpaper pencils here

  • Made from 100% Recycled Newspaper
  • Completely Tree-Free
  • Just as hard and solid as wood - the pencils are tightly rolled from torn strips of yesterdays news.
  • Write smooth and consistent, sharpen easily, and support recycling.
  • Pack of 24


The Sprout Pencil: Herb Pack

Hey guys- I think I found the BEST PENCILS EVER! I have no idea how they write, how they work but WHO CARES BECAUSE THEY TURN INTO PLANTS!!! These pencils are recycled, earth friendly, sustainable, renewable and made in the USA. They're a total win-win. The price is a little hefty for a pencil, but I'm thinking about buying a pack and putting one in each stocking. It's such a cool product, that I think we can support it despite the price in the hope that they're able to reduce manufacturing costs in the future.

I'm pretty stoked about this. Pencils that turn into herd gardens, who would have thought? 

Sold by Trinkets, Etc. and Fulfilled by Amazon. Gift-wrap available.
  • Sprout is a pencil that grows. When Sprout is too short to use as a pencil, plant Sprout to grow herbs.
  • High-quality #2 pencils.
  • Handmade in Minnesota, USA.
  • Sustainably harvested cedar wood body
  • The Herb Pack contains 8 sprout Varieties

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