Eco-Friendly, MADE IN USA notebooks

August 07, 2017

Eco-Friendly, MADE IN USA notebooks

Sometimes old notebooks cannot be upcycled and salvaged. This happens a lot to the notorious note-taker and doodler (ummm... I may have been a chronic doodler in high school... and college). When this happens, there are eco-friendly notebooks options to purchase! Being a connoisseur of notebooks myself, some of the following options are incredibly delicious and smooth to the pen. I recommend buying quite a few. 

NOTE: ChunkaBuns is located in a huge paper industry area in the USA. We have so many great local paper options and I'll be sure to mention a few of my favorite Made in the USA paper suppliers. 



Environotes notebooks and

index cardsEnvironotes recycled paper products are made in Pennsylvania

By Roaring Spring Blank Book Company, which has been manufacturing paper products in the USA for over 100 years! These notebooks are eco-friendly AND made in the USA! A double win! A huge selection in tones, colors and paper styles. Available on Amazon or through their paper company online. I have not tried the online ordering... but I plan to pick myself up a few of these. They look awesome and have great online ratings. 

Mead Five Star Notebook

Mead Five Star notebooks:

Made in the USA! 

Yes! That's right! Our friendly, normal notebook is made in the USA!

These colorful, handy notebooks can be found at almost any big box store, making them an easy ‘Made in the USA’ addition to the school supply stash. While they're not made of fully recycled material, they are fully recyclable! 

Plus, they last a long time and keep all the notes together in one big bunch, making school a little simpler.

Mead recycled notebooks

Mead Five Recycled notebooks

Each notebook is responsibly sourced as well to help promote a green, environmentally friendly image and reduce the negative environmental impact of your business. 

Additionally, each notebook is 3 hole punched so that it can fit inside a binder. Help keep yourself organized and remember all those important notes with this notebook! This color combo is super appealing to me... I have not seen these in the big box stores, but I will be on the look-out!

Neenah Paper Notebook

Neenah Paper Astro Brights

These Astro Brights are very possibly a teacher's worst nightmare... but great for personal journaling! ChunkaBuns is located right across the road from Neenah Paper and we have a use their Enviro Papers in our packaging and office use. Flexible journals feature colored pages with contrasting color rules to make sure your bright ideas are seen. Twin-wire binding allows the pages to open completely on your desk for easy writing. Elastic closure tightly secures the covers to prevent your pages from becoming exposed when stored. Durable covers hold up to the rigors of frequent handling for long-lasting use. Journals are perfect for use at home, school or in the office.

Strathmore Notebooks

Stratmore Journals 

make some of the greatest notebooks. When I was taking notes in school, I rarely used a notebook that had lines. I was more of what you would call - a free form notetaker. I liked to sketch a quick picture of the subject that I was learning about because it helped me to remember what we were learning. To bring back my ideas, I would simply think of the sketch. 

Now, I'm fully aware that, that is an unusual way to take note. However, I kept all my notebooks and still love to look at them. If your back-to-school kid is one who thrives with a visual memory, perhaps a few journals without lines are exactly what he or she needs. I highly recommend stratmore journals. The paper is FANTASTIC. Also - made right down the road from ChunkaBuns in Neenah, Wisconsin. They're our business buddies! 

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