Cloth Diaper Kids & ChunkaBuns GIVEAWAY!

May 10, 2017

Cloth Diaper Kids & ChunkaBuns GIVEAWAY!

We Have a WINNER! Check the GIVEAWAY page for details and to see if it was you!

cloth diaper kids in canadaCloth Diaper Kids is a cloth diaper specialty boutique. ChunkaBuns™ makes clothes specifically to fit cloth diapered kids. A match made in heaven... (or on baby's bum), am I right?

Sometimes having a baby is a roller coaster of bodily fluids, and that's where Cloth Diaper Kids comes in to save the day: from a mother to another, bringing you the best brands of cloth diapers at the best price. Finding clothes that fit the bulky bum, the chunky bum, the padded Tush, the fluff butt, OR the butt fluff... can be very tricky. Modern baby pants create baby butt crack syndrome - the appearance of being an underage plumber. Designed and manufactured by cloth diapering Moms, ChunkaBuns™ Savvy Pants saves the day and covers that bulky baby bum! ChunkaBuns™ Sweet Jeans are leak resistant. Both the Savvy Pants and Sweet Jeans have Grow-With-Me features to extend the life and wearability of your baby clothes. So instead of buying new longer pants each month as baby grow, you now have pants that will fit for YEARS.

ChunkaBuns Giveaway Prizes

For the Give-Away, we have our most unique ChunkaBuns™ products. 

PLUM PUDDING SAVVY PANTS for cloth diapers

Plum Pudding Savvy Pants

RETAIL: $49.95 SIZE: 9-24 months 

  • Pants Grow With Baby: when baby gets taller, pants length increases.
  • Waist folds down comfortably to shorten the rise when needed.
  • Extra panel in the seat adds plenty of room for cloth diapers and wiggling.
  • Manufactured and designed in the USA
  • Made with Eco-Friendly non-chemical processes and Bamboo Rayon

Turn cloth diapers into cloth diaper training pants or pull-ups

Handy Bands™ (Set of Two)

RETAIL: $9.95 SIZE: One Size

Turn your cloth diapers into cloth training pants!

The incredible, versatile, economical solution to a mess of parenting conundrums. These mama's helpers are AMAZING! So many ways to use them!

  • Turn your standard cloth diapers into potty trainers in a snap!
  • Extend the life of your diapers as your child grows
  • Customize the fit of your cloth diapers

Fits most brands of front snap closure cloth diapers. Here's a few!

Bumpkins, Bum Genius, Nickis Diapers, Fuzzibuns, Charlie Banana, Best Bottom Diapers, Imagine Baby Products Cloth Diapers, Luv Your Baby Cloth Diapers,Thirsties Cloth Diapers, Flip Diapers, Lil Helper Cloth Diapers, Blueberry Diapers (formerly Swaddlebees), Mother-Ease Cloth Diapers, Alva Baby Cloth Diapers,Econobum Cloth Diapers, Kangacare Cloth Diapers, Little Beasties Cloth Diapers, Brave as a Bear cloth Diapers, Crafty Ewings Cloth Diapers Ruberry Rumps Cloth Diapers

The socks kid's can't pull off: ChunkaSox

PolkaDot ChunkaSox

RETAIL: $9.95 SIZE: 9-24 months

The socks kids can't pull off! Comfort, and Chunkabuns style- all in one adorable sock. Wear them under pants for extra warmth or all on their own. Baby Loosing A Sock Syndrome solved! 

  • Thigh-high top with extra stretch for chunky legs
  • Double thick foot knit for warmth
  • Grippy foot bottoms for new walkers
  • These socks STAY ON

Fluff Butt Infant tee for cloth diapers

Fluff Butt Infant Tee

RETAIL: $9.95 SIZE: 12 months

Show off that Fluff Butt Pride! Cloth Diaper Mommas have a lot to be proud about! The cloth diaper world has a lot of challenges, so wear you cloth diaper gear with pride! 

  • Available in Light Blue, Pink and Green
  • No crotch snaps means more room with cloth diapers
  • Raw-serged sleeves and bottom hem
  • Printed with non-Phthalate inks in the USA

Feed The Chunk oversized bib for big messes

Feed The Chunk Bib

RETAIL: $5.95 SIZE: One Size

This adorable bib loudly proclaims "Feed the Chunk!", so your baby doesn't have to (even though he probably still will).

  • Hook and latch closure for easy on/off.
  • Soft and Absorbent Jersey Knit, Machine washable.
  • 100% Cotton.
  • Artwork Designed and Printed in USA.

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