About Us

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We are problem solvers, solution finders, innovators, inventors, creators... We are mothers. 

 ChunkaBuns™ is an E-commerce baby and toddler apparel company working to change the children's fashion industry through manufacturing, materials and creating service to our customers. ChunkaBuns™ specializes in Eco-friendly clothing to meet all income levels and fit cloth diapers. ChunkaBuns™ has three clothing lines: Posh, Savvy and Thrifty.

  • The Posh Line is made in the USA with Organic and eco-friendly fabrics.
  • The Savvy Line is a combo of USA manufacturing and Eco-Friendly fabrics, with allowances made to create the most cost effective Earth-Savvy product.
  • The Thrifty Line is low price and Upcycled. Items may have slight printing defects, Up-cycled from our baby clothes Buy-Back program, or might just be items we're selling low to get off the selves.


ChunkaBuns works to reduce Fast-Fashion waste.

We have two Chunka Programs to reduce fast fashion waste: Grow With Me clothes and our ChunkaBuns Buy-Back program.

Our Savvy and Posh pants are Grow-With-Me pants and can be worn for years due to the extending cuff. The smallest size pants fits size zero to nine months (but three-year-olds can wear them as pedal pushers and it's so darn cute)! Our 2T to 5T pants have been worn by nine-year-olds. The longevity and versatility of our savvy pants is something we're incredibly proud of. We have a great product for our customers, but we made it with ethical business practices, in the USA, while supporting a $15 minimum wage. 

Some people call pants made to fit cloth diapers: Maxaloons, Maxaloon shorts, longies or shorties. We just call them pants and shorts, because you don't need to wear cloth diapers in order for these pants to fit, HOWEVER if your baby does wear a cloth diaper, our pants and dresses will fit them better and be more flattering than commercial clothing lines.

Get your Longies and Shorties here (ehhh... or just your baby pants and shorts for cloth diapers) and shop to support our mission to change the children's clothing industry - using Earth friendly business and manufacturing practices Eco-Savvy consumers and cloth diapering families - and reducing clothing waste.

We believe in being kind and paying it forward. We believe in sourcing ethical manufacturers as locally as possible, and teaming with other small businesses, like:

We believe in giving back and paying it forward. And we believe this way because we know that it means a better world for our children, not just for them to grow up in, but for them to observe and take part in as kind people themselves.